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Plastic Surgery: An Array of Procedures to Enhance Your Appearance | Magana Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has increased in popularity in the past few years. Globally, more and more people choose to have some procedures done to change and enhance their appearance according to their aesthetic goals. Thanks to modern advancements in technology and aesthetic medicine, there are now multiple options to choose from to achieve your desired figure. Keep reading to learn about some of the main plastic surgery procedures available and where to get them if you reside in Greenwich, CT.

What Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery involves treating and enhancing your body to fit your aesthetic preference with the help of surgical procedures. Within this category, there are two main types:

  • Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is a type of surgery that involves improving and reshaping your body for aesthetic reasons.

  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is a type of surgery that treats body parts affected by trauma, congenital problems, and developmental abnormalities.

Plastic Surgery Procedures


Liposuction involves a surgical technique that removes fat from particular body areas, resulting in a slim and more shapely figure. There are many types of liposuction:

  • Tumescent liposuction

  • Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (UAL)

  • Laser liposuction

  • Power, air, and suction-assisted liposuction

While it depends on the procedure and treated area, on average, patients can return to their daily routines only a few days after the treatment.


Also known as eyelid reshaping surgery, this procedure is done both for aesthetics and to improve vision in people whose eyelids are obstructive to their eyes. Sagging skin around your eyes can impair your vision and contribute to appearing older than you are. This procedure gives you a youthful look by removing swelling skin from the upper and lower eyelids. It’s important to note that a blepharoplasty patient should stay out of the sun for the first few days.

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Breast Reduction

Breast augmentation surgery has become prevalent worldwide. Over 300,000 of these procedures are done every year in the United States alone. This surgery is performed for different reasons, including breast enlargement, replacement of a missing breast, and making uneven breasts equal in size.

Breast lifts remove the excess skin and tighten the tissue surrounding the breasts to create a more youthful contour. Some common reasons for this procedure include post-pregnancy looseness of the skin, aging, gravity, and loss of skin elasticity after breastfeeding.

Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue to attain a breast size that lessens discomfort or fits better with the desired body proportions. This surgery helps patients with disproportionately large breasts relieve their physical pain from their weight. It can also be considered an aesthetic procedure when patients without these symptoms choose to undergo it for personal reasons.

Buttock Lift

The buttock lift is a procedure that improves the contour, shape, and tone of the tissue that supports the buttock area. Sagging can modify the form of the glutes, thanks to aging, pregnancy, fluctuations in weight, among other factors. The procedure can improve any dimples, irregular skin, or sagging in the area to acquire a more pleasing contour. The buttock lift does not add volume to the glutes, but gluteal augmentation could be combined with buttock lifts.

Plastic Surgeon in Greenwich, CT

Whether you experience discomfort in a particular body feature or want to accomplish a specific figure, plastic surgery is an effective solution. At Magana Plastic Surgery, we work with our patients to find procedures that fit their aesthetic goals. Dr. Rafael Magana is a Greenwich-based surgeon with ample experience in his field. Dr. Magana and his staff work with the latest procedures to provide the highest quality service to their patients. Book a consultation at our office or call (646) 943-6042 today.


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