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Angela Oh.

We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Magana in the ER. I’m so grateful he was available to attend to my 1.5 year old son who fell and a split his lip open. His made my son feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure. We were very pleased with the results. His lip is healing well and on its way to looking like it nothing ever happened to it.

Nerma K.

My 2 YO son had a bad fall and needed stitches on his forehead. Dr. Magana was absolutely wonderful. I cannot thank him enough for doing such a wonderful job in stitching my sons forehead. Not only is he very talented, but his bedside manner is wonderful. He put my heart at ease during this traumatic experience.

Laura Greenbaum.

Dr. Magana is by far the best doctor I've ever had in my life. He believes in consistent communication, and his caring demeanor makes a strong impact on his relationships with his patients. He even called to check up on me during my recovery, back in 2012. Dr. Magana demonstrates a great deal of professionalism and does an excellent job in making his patients feel comfortable and secure. He did such a great job on my procedure, that it couldn't look better! My scar is invisible.

More recently, he has been injecting my botox and I'm extremely happy and confident! He is a talented artist who creates beauty. 💖

M Kassis.

Dr. Magana was the most amazing doctor ever! He was honest told me exactly what I needed and did Botox without any issues as my friends have had plenty with others. Cares about the end result not the money he can make. A true ambassador to the plastic surgery world. I wish there were more doctors like him.

Luz Wals.

He is a great plastic surgeon, he took care of my arm in the ER and he did performed an amazing job, no scars! He also does my Botox regularly and I love the results every time! Highly recommended!

Leslie M.

Dr. Magana is an excellent plastic surgeon. He is an artist. I've had two procedures done with him in the last 6 months.

My first procedure was breast augmentation in April 2017 I have always wanted a natural look. I am an athletic person so for me having a natural B cup size were my expectations. From having absolutely no chest to having a cute B cup 300CC Gummy Bear Impants, i am an extremely satisfied patient. He is very careful and is honest as can be. A very patient doctor because at first I was really nervous if they were gonna be too small or too big but he gave his best recommendation and assured that I would be happy with my results.

The surgical center was very clean. His office is very professional and the staff was extremely caring to me.

My recent procedure with Dr. M was just last week. We did a Lipo sculpture Front and back and a bbl..Brazilian Butt Lift. I was a slim girl but I gained a little weight because I could never get the shape I wanted in the gym. I know have an hour glass shape and I am the happiest girl in the world. I am already one week post op and my body is already forming. He instructed me that it would take 3-6 months for me to see results and I am slowly but surely on my way!

Thank you Dr. M ! Family and friends are coming to you.! You rock <3


Leslie !

Emmanuel De La Cruz.

Dr. Magana is one of the most talented plastic surgeons I know. He's very creative and he cares about his patients. Highly recommend this superb plastic surgeon!!!

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