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Plastic Surgery and Body

Sculpting in Greenwich

A New You

Dr. Magana specializes in full-body transformations for his patients. In addition to total body surgery, we offer a variety of individual cosmetic procedures that can address the way your body looks. Our office is proud to offer cutting-edge techniques for sculpting bodies to look naturally fit and shapely using high definition Liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, the complete array of breast lifts, and other slimming, contouring and augmenting techniques. 


If you're looking for a total body transformation, options like our "Mommy" and "Daddy" makeovers address multiple areas of the body at once to allow you to achieve maximum impact with one single period of downtime. While each makeover can be tailored based on your specific goals and desires regarding how you want your body to look, our clients commonly choose to bundle Liposuction, breast augmentations, arm lifts and thigh lifts to create a firmer, tighter look that is free of excess skin that has resulted from aging, weight loss or pregnancy. When having body sculpting done at Magana Plastic Surgery, it's also possible to perform facial cosmetic procedures that range from a forehead lift to a "mini" facelift into your transformation.


Magana Plastic surgery is committed to helping our patients discover the surgical and cosmetic options that are right for them. While you may know exactly what you'd like to change about your body, you may not be aware of the cutting-edge procedures available today that can create natural-looking, dramatic results for getting the shape you desire. We specialize in using cutting-edge treatments that result in as little downtime as possible while creating the longest-lasting results. 


If you'd like to explore options for changing your body through Plastic Surgery, Dr. Magana can meet with you to discuss your goals. Taking into account your health history, available recovery time and aesthetic goals, Dr. Magana will work hard to create a plan for helping you look and feel your best. Call (646) 943 6042 to book your consultation at our Connecticut office.

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