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Sculptor Artist Surgeon

Surgical Sculpting in Greenwich, Connecticut

Improve the Definition of Your Natural Shape

Are you wondering how cosmetic procedures can help you to achieve a more streamlined, sculpted look? Magana Plastic Surgery offers surgical sculpting through our total body surgery procedures and standalone procedures. Many of our patients come to us after childbirth because they'd like to have their bodies reshaped a variety of techniques for breast reshaping, Liposuction, tummy tucks and other approaches that may be done simultaneously, or in stages. If you'd like very targeted sculpting in just one area of the body, we can help you discover cutting-edge procedures that address loose skin or pockets of fat around the thighs, abdomen, arms, neck and more.


We offer both the Brazilian butt lift and Liposculpture for patients looking for body sculpting that removes fat while reshaping volume. In some cases, patients prefer to mix surgical procedures with noninvasive procedures for precise, natural-looking refinement throughout the face and body. Dr. Magana is happy to work with you on a plan to address all of the areas of your face or body that you feel need some sculpting or improvement. 


Dr. Magana takes pride in offering some of the most sophisticated, cutting-edge sculpting techniques available to his patient’s here in Greenwich. Call (646) 943 6042 to book your appointment with Dr. Magana at our office.

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