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Butt Lift

Greenwich Brazilian Butt Lift

Get the Shape You have Always Wanted


Magana Plastic Surgery offers many ways to create a more aesthetically pleasing backside. If you're looking to create volume and shape in the buttocks, traditional butt lift surgery involving implants may also be an option.


Many people looking to avoid butt implant surgery are interested in butt lift injections that enhance shape and volume. Whilst performing the Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Magana uses fat from your own body to inject in to your buttocks. One of the benefits of this technique is that you will also receive Liposuction before the injection procedure. This makes it possible to lose inches in one area, whilst adding contouring in another area of your body that you'd like to reshape. Fat is commonly taken from the, abdomen or lower-back area to help enhance the shaping effect of the butt lift. 


Many people decide to undergo butt lifts because they'd like to add shape to what they view as "flat" backsides. Using cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Magana can help you decide how much you'd like to increase volume. In addition to being focused on helping you meet your aesthetic goals, Dr. Magana will also ensure that you're a good candidate for the specific type of butt lift you're interested in based on weight, body composition, healthy history and other considerations. 


Factors like the length of your procedure and recovery time will vary based on the type of butt lift procedure you select. Generally, at least two weeks of reduced activity will be necessary to allow you to fully recover. Recovery for a butt lift procedure typically requires the patient to avoid sitting directly ion the treated area for several weeks following the procedure. When discussing your options, Dr. Magana will be sure to discuss how your available recovery time can fit into a plan for altering the appearance of your buttocks using one of the options available. 


A butt lift can be a fantastic option for helping you get the curves that nature may have missed. The curvier and more athletic look created with a butt lift helps many patients to finally like the way they look in certain clothing. This procedure can help create a more youthful and fitter physique in everything from jeans to bathing suits.


If you're seeking a butt lift in Connecticut, call Magana Plastic Surgery at (646) 943 6042 today to book a consultation with Dr. Magana.

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