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Plastic Surgery for Women

Many women struggle with being unsatisfied with specific areas of their bodies. For some, this dissatisfaction has been lingering for a lifetime. For others, changes stemming from motherhood, weight loss, aging and lifestyle have altered their bodies in ways that leave them feeling less confident. There are many cosmetic procedures available today that allow women to tweak, streamline and transform areas they'd like to improve. When you have a consultation with Dr. Magana, you can discuss many options for altering your body and face to create the shape and harmony you're hoping to achieve.


Magana Plastic Surgery offers various cutting-edge cosmetic surgeries and procedures designed to help women feel more confident. In recent years, technological advances in cosmetic surgery have created opportunities for women to enjoy procedures that are safer and less invasive. Many of the cutting-edge procedures performed by Dr. Magana offer faster recovery times than procedures that were done just five to ten years ago. Among the most popular procedures Dr. Magana performs are High-Definition Lipo-sculpting and the Brazilian butt lift. 


  • The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is used to enhance the buttocks' shape and fullness using fat from other areas of the body. Combining high-definition Liposuction with fat grafting, excess fat is removed from other areas of your body before being injected strategically into the buttocks. Many women prefer a BBL over other options that involve buttock implants because this procedure uses your own fat to build up volume in the buttocks. Additionally, you get the added benefit of having excess fat removed from another part of your body during the procedure. A BBL also creates desirable results in terms of lifting and shaping.


  • High-definition Liposuction offers an advanced Liposuction technique that sculpts the body while enhancing the natural muscular contours of the trunk and extremities. Dr. Magana uses an advanced technique that allows for more customization and precision.


Dr. Magana offers cosmetic procedures for women that address both the face and body. Many of our patients choose to combine procedures to create a full-body result that leaves them feeling more confident. Our full-body "mommy makeover" is a popular option that allows women to combine specific procedures to address changes they are struggling with following pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. This fully customizable makeover is often used to address volume loss in breasts, loss of tone in the abdomen, loose skin and pockets of fat around the hips, thighs and buttocks. 


If you're interested in Plastic Surgery options for women, contact Magana Plastic Surgery to book your consultation with Dr. Magana at (646) 943 6042.

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