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Facial Plastic Surgery in Greenwich

Maintain a Younger, More Youthful Appearance

At Magana Plastic surgery of Greenwich, we offer a wide array of facial cosmetic surgery options designed to help you achieve the look you desire. If you're not sure if surgery is for you, we also offer non-surgical options like Botox that allow you to address signs of aging with no downtime. Surgery and fillers can be combined when creating a custom, highly sculpted look that helps bring balance to your facial features. In some cases, fillers can be used to amplify and prolong the effects of some cosmetic procedures. 


If you're interested in creating permanent or semi-permanent results to alter the appearance of your face, cosmetic surgery may be the answer. At Magana Plastic surgery, we offer a wide variety of facial sculpting procedures that can be used to smooth and reshape the face. Dr. Magana performs rhinoplasty, jaw implants, lip augmentation, cheek moderations, eyelid surgery, wrinkle-smoothing and full facelifts. Our office also offers facial fat removal that is designed to help you achieve a thinner, more contoured face. If you're concerned about excess fat or loose skin at the chin, this can also be addressed using our facial surgery techniques. Dr. Magana also performs facial fat transfers that use fat from other parts of your body to fill in wrinkles, hollow cheeks and any other areas of the face that may require more volume to create a full, youthful appearance. 


For some of our patients, the focus is on altering or correcting a single feature that they feel is out of alignment with what they want to see in the mirror. For others, a plan that involves bringing the face into harmony using a combination of procedures as part of a full makeover is the desired option. When you sit down with Dr. Magana for a consultation, you'll be able to discuss the procedures available to address the areas of your face that you'd like to change. 


Dr. Magana also performs plastic surgery for patients in need of cosmetic correction due to a congenital disability or accident. Many of our surgical techniques can be valuable for restoring a person's natural appearance, reshaping features or bringing features back into alignment following trauma.


Dr. Magana looks forward to being a part of your journey of looking and feeling your best using cutting-edge procedures. Before cosmetic Plastic Surgery, it's necessary to undergo an evaluation. You can book a consultation with Dr. Magana at our Greenwich, CT. office by calling (646) 943 6042.

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