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Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery

Magana Plastic Surgery offers gynecomastia surgery for men looking to reduce breast size in. If you're seeking to improve the aesthetics of your chest, this surgery may help you to create a more masculine, defined look. Typically, gynecomastia surgery has three purposes: 


  • Reduce breast size for men.

  • Flatten the chest.

  • Enhance muscles and contours in the chest.


This surgery is an option for men of any age who are unsatisfied with the overall shape or appearance of their chests. It is often used in cases where excess weight has caused breast tissue to stretch or droop. If the areola is impacted by weight fluctuations, it may be necessary to reposition the nipple while reducing excess skin for more effective, streamlined results. 


While some men seek gynecomastia surgery due to bodily changes stemming from age or weight fluctuations, others use this surgery to correct an issue that has been present since birth. Additionally, men who are concerned about asymmetry in the chest often find this surgery beneficial for creating a more balanced, contoured look. 


If you're looking for male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Magana can speak with you regarding gynecomastia surgery. An evaluation that goes over your health history to rule out any potential medical causes of excess chest growth will be used to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Generally, this surgery requires the patient to be placed under general anesthesia. Each procedure's specifics vary based on the amounts of fat and skin that need to be removed. 


Some men who choose to undergo gynecomastia surgery combine this procedure with other full-body treatments to create a fully contoured, athletic look. Dr. Magana may be able to help you use Liposuction and other procedures to create a full-body makeover if you're looking to feel more like yourself following weight loss. Please contact Magana Plastic Surgery at (646) 943 6042 to book a consultation at our office if you're interested in learning more about men's chest surgery.

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